The Holidays are coming!

It’s crazy how quickly the Holidays are approaching and sometimes gifts are difficult to pick out. Art is always a wonderful gift idea and I just recently added new work on Fine Art America that will make a wonderful gift for you or a loved one this season! There are many choices to pick from that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Stop by today and look around by Clicking Here!

New Phone Number

There are many ways of reaching me to book a shoot or just contacting me in general if you have a question about scheduling or pricing. I can be reached through Facebook, email @ or if you prefer the more traditional method… by phone! I have a new number I can be reached at by calling 407-455-3101. If you call and don’t receive an answer please leave a message with your name and best time to return your call.
Thanks again,

Grandma’s Wedding at 84!

I have just recently had the pleasure of attending and photographing my grandmothers wedding at age 84. This was a man with whom she had feelings for since the age of 16. Once they rediscovered each other and got in contact things moved rather quickly as their love rekindled. He moved from CA to FL to be with her and was staying at a Bed & Breakfast near her home until the day of the wedding before moving in with her. He is a great guy from what I’ve seen so far and welcome him into our loving family.
While photographing the wedding at the church and the reception at the bed & breakfast I had recorded little clips here and there and put them together in this video with song.
Please feel free to watch the video and see that regardless of age or distance nothing can truly separate two people in love.
Click Here to Watch!

Making a new website

Some of my most favorite things in life include photography and Disney’s Haunted Mansion. So I put the two together and created a fan site showcasing my collection of photos I have taken over the years of and around the mansion as well as memorabilia I’ve purchased. Many fan sites out there are dedicated to the history, facts and even secrets surrounding the mansion but very few showcase their personal collection or even talk about it. My goal is to fill in that gap, I try to capture some artistic shots of the area some of which are actually for sale. Other photos are just snapshots of my collection so I can remember what happened to the money in my bank account! haha… Anyways please feel free to visit the website and take a look around. Thanks again!
Click HERE to view the website.

Angie & Peter’s Wedding

I got the honor to photograph a wedding for a wonderful couple Peter & Angie in October. The day started off meeting Peter and the groomsman at the World of Beer followed by the ceremony then reception at Dave & Busters in Orlando that night. This turned out to be a all day event but we all had a blast! There was so much love in the room for the couple that night. Everyone sang and danced to a wonderful mix of music by a local “DJ Felix”. Below is one of my personal favorite photos from the day. If you wish to see more photos from this Wedding event please visit the link below by clicking HERE

Busy October Weekend

What an amazing and busy weekend I have had! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a wedding & reception for a lovely couple then topped it off by attending and photographing a 80th Birthday celebration for a very sweet lady. This is what memories are made of…. Pics soon to come in the days following. :)


Recently I’ve been doing some thinking on what I can offer that other photographers do not? My answer to this questions is 3D. I have just recently purchased a true 3D dual lens camera. My plans for this camera aim more toward sales of poster size 3D fine art prints to be displayed in your home. This is not a replacement of my regular 2D cameras…. merely something more like the icing on a already delicious cake.
Photography gives me the motivation to go places many do not go often at hours when people would rather be sleeping. It’s this time the light is most pleasant and the sky peaceful. The only draw back is the photos I take don’t truly represent the beauty that is before me with everything flattened in a 2 dimensional image. This is where the 3D comes into play….. Now photos are more realistic almost as if your there in person in that exact moment in time with me. Objects pop out giving that sense of depth making it “real”.
Below is my first time using the camera right after I received it. Some friends and I went to Disney and I wanted to experiment with 3D.
Red/Cyan Glasses required to fully appreciate this new art form!

Disney Balloons

Book cover

Newest book cover for Author Robert Perry for his upcoming horror story Mommy’s Gone Crazy. It was truly a fun photoshoot with with amazing friends and I hope this is just the beginning of my involvement with his stories. It’s not very often I get to photograph scary things and I must admit I do enjoy it… Best of luck Rob with your new story!

Mommy's Gone Crazy

Magazine Covers

It turns out that the company GagePub used two of my photos for two of their five separate magazines they currently have going around. One of the photos which was taken during sunset at Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge is being used the Deland cover. The other is a photo I took during twilight when there was just a hint of color left in the sky. This was shot Black Friday at Board Walk Daytona Beach. It was the only time I’ve ever seen that few people so it couldn’t have worked out better if I planned it! Thank you GagePub for being kind enough to once again Display my art work on the cover of your magazines.

Photoshoot for Book Cover

Author Rob Oliver aka Robert Perry hired me to a photoshoot for his new short story called “Mommy’s Gone Crazy”. It’s about a very beautiful wealthy mother who gets off of her meds and ends up losing her mind. She starts killing with kitchen knives. Rob’s plan for me was shoot about 5 different scenes/poses. One will end up becoming the book cover in the end and the rest will most likely be used as promotional teasers to entice fellow readers to download his story from the Barnes & Noble website. This shot I captured is of the crazy killer mother holding the knives. She is standing in front of the mirror which shows her true peaceful laid back side that was lost when she stopped taking her meds.
Thank you Rob for giving me the chance once again to be apart of your amazing stories!

Mommy's Gone Crazy!